VPN is a secure way of connecting to URI resources or the internet from remote locations such as when working from home or traveling. When connected to the VPN, your computer will appear as though it is connected directly to the URI network, giving you secure access to resources hosted at URI. It is particularly useful when working from open public networks, such as in a cafe. You should use VPN if:

  • You work from home or another remote location. Using VPN is preferred over enabling direct remote access to workstations.
  • You are traveling and will need secure access to ecampus, URI mail, etc. (See our Travel Guidelines)

While connected to the VPN, your internet traffic will travel over an encrypted connection to URI before being sent to its final destination.

Getting VPN Access

URI provides one level of VPN access: Full access allows unrestricted access to internal URI resources and the internet with the use of a SecurID token. VPN can be accessed by either using the Web Portal or installing the Cisco AnyConnect Client. All instructions are listed below.

Full Access

Full VPN access is available for:

  • URI staff
  • URI students studying abroad
  • Consultants with a staff sponsor. Access should be requested by the sponsoring staff member and include scope of access and expiration time.

Full Access to the VPN is granted by request only. To request access, please fill out the VPN Request Form. After submitting the request form, you will be contacted by the Information Security Office with instructions on how to login to the RSA Self-Service Console.  This console will allow you to request an RSA SecurID software token.  Once approved, you will be emailed a software token that must be imported into the RSA SecurID Software Token app installed on your mobile device.  Currently, URI Supports the following devices:

Android: Download the ‘RSA SecurID Software Token’ from Google Play

iOS: Download the ‘RSA SecurID Software Token’ from the App Store

Apple Mac OS Xhttps://community.rsa.com/community/products/securid/software-token-mac


VPN Web Portal

VPN Web portal is provided to URI students who are studying abroad. Students will need to submit a VPN token request to use this service.  Full access will be granted with the use of a SecurID token. This is intended for students abroad who need to access websites that would otherwise be blocked.

Using the VPN

To get started using Clientless VPN, which runs in your web browser and requires no configuration, use the following links. For Full Access using a SecurID Software token, read the login instructions first.

For full setup instructions, see the page for your operating system:

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