CloudLock for Google Drive

CloudLock makes it possible to find and protect sensitive data (FERPA, PII, PCI, PHI) in public cloud applications such as Google Apps For Education’s Google Drive without negatively impacting our end users getting in the way of their productivity, or limiting their ability to realize the collaborative benefits of the cloud platform itself.

CloudLock Selective Encryption:

CloudLock Selective Encryption is an application that can be embedded in Google Drive. It is used to keep confidential and sensitive documents private and password-protected. Only someone who has the password can open a protected document. Keep your document passwords safe and you’re keeping your information secure.

What can and can’t be encrypted in Selective Encryption?

What can be encrypted?

Content stored in Drive (images, documents, pdf etc.) and all native Google Documents

What cannot be encrypted?

Link Files: Some applications use Drive to store a link to their content. The content is not stored in Drive. As such link files have no content and cannot be encrypted. We cannot currently protect Google Forms.
Certain nonnative file types, such a s videos, disk images are not currently enabled for encryption.

Please see the following CloudLock Selective Encryption Getting Started Guide on how to use selective encryption.

Getting Started with CloudLock Selective Encryption

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